Me. And me.

It’s a weird feeling coming across a greeting card at the store with me on the front.

Me. And me. The insanity of believing there are more than 24 hours in a single day so that I may have a chance of fulfilling 3,482 tasks which, as usual, proves to be impossible, resulting in a futile relay race in the game called life.

For those out-n-about, and stressing out, over last-minute gifts, a suggestion… 

Fuck it.

If you’re creative, artistic consider making something yourself. If not, stop rummaging through shit to buy on a drugstore shelf, but rather look for some original words to say (or write) from the heart.

Spend time, not dollars.  It’s a far better currency with the best exchange rate plus appreciates more — and rare nowadays — not in circulation like bygone days of yore…

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